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Our tribute to President Kaunda

President Kaunda was a giant of pan-Africanism, and a visionary leader who dedicated his life to the liberation of the African continent. He did this with inimitable humility, grace, and humour.

President Kaunda was the last of the Founding Fathers of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), which later became the African Union. The achievement of Financial Independence in Africa is the next logical step towards the OAU’s goal of ‘complete independence of the African continent and total rejection of colonialism and exploitation in all its forms’.

It is a high honour for the CampaignFIA that President Kaunda served as our very first patron. His unwavering principles of non-racialism, non-tribalism, and service will continue to underpin our movement. Indeed, African unity is the most powerful force for progress and prosperity.

We had just held our first Empowerment Class in Zambia before President Kaunda’s passing. Given his commitment to the advancement of young people, this seems in retrospect to have been a befitting tribute to an iconic leader, and a tireless servant of continental unity. ‘Tiyende Pamodzi nimu ntima umo. Let us have one heart, one spirit, we work together so that we can develop.’

Thank you, President Kaunda and in your words, ‘for the time being, God bless and goodbye.’

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