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Yes We Can

Change Africa together, today.

Every year, around 39 million children start Grade One in Africa, but the future is bleak for most of them. If they were born poor, it is likely that they will stay poor.

Sub-Saharan Africa has one of the highest rates of inherited poverty in the world, meaning that its high poverty rate (around 41%) is passed on from generation to generation.

The goal of the CampaignFIA is to equip all children in Africa with the skills and resources to be financially independent from the day they complete school (and even before) regardless of their socioeconomic background.


Disrupting Poverty

Imagine a land where every dream is possible.  A land of wealth, health and freedom for all.  This is Our New Africa.  It's possible.


The Campaign for Financial Independence in Africa (CampaignFIA) aims to disrupt generational poverty and build a financially stronger Africa. Our vision is to radically transform the social and economic structure of this continent and create Our New Africa, in a Generation.

Our Goal

By 2030, a universal standard of financial Literacy education is embedded in the education curricula of all 55 African Union member states.

CampaignFIA is a 100% African conceived, owned and managed initiative, and African youth are involved in every aspect of the Campaign from design to implementation and decision making.


Children can be enrolled onto the programme digitally or attend a face-to-face session at participating schools, churches and organisations.  We currently have a presence in 4 African countries.  Sign up below or email for more information.


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